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Micropigmentation has many uses in the field of aesthetics and medical practices. As a result of the surgical interventions in most women cases, the mammary areoles lose their initial appearance. To help them redefine the area that has undergone changes, a practitioner who knows the techniques of semi-permanent makeup can come. The process consists in simply “coloring” the affected area using different shades of pigments and the 3D technique to create the appearance of the natural areola.

What the course contains:

  • Identification of skin types; where does the skin take its color ?;
  • A wide range of teaching materials;
  • Skin notions (anatomy, structure, glands, skin functions);
  • Table + Fidelpatrick’s Staircase Scale Calculation;
  • Getting vital colorimetry and pigmentation to avoid further changes in the color of the pigment introduced into the skin.

Course Content

Time: 8 hours
  • Skin anatomy  Fototype. 0/0

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  • Pigmentology  Fitzpatrick's classification, pigment temperature scale, color mathematics in pigmentology. 0/0

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  • Pigments  Pigment Chemistry. 0/0

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  • Drawing techniques  Practice. 0/0

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Ana Maria is master trainer and international trainer, after a 14 years’ experience in PMU. She specializes in: microblading, paramedical pigmentation, tattoo removal, corrections, neutralization, camouflage, fibroblast. She developed new correction techniques for old and wrong permanent make-up procedures. She is a partner in a humanitarian project called “Salvează Feminitatea” and she is also the image of Start Academy.

She is the only Romanian member of SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), thus having access to studies and analyzes from dermo pigmentation and tattoo area, from the biggest association in the world and being aware of the national and international legislation, but also with the lasts trends in the field.

She is a qualified technician and dedicated professor. Her talent and skill were completed by her specialized studies in plastic arts and medical science. This way she can give the most interesting and complete perception about this field to her students.


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