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The effects of time passage never overlook physical appearance. If some of us worry with the appearance of the first wrinkles, others are experiencing massive hair loss. Among the new procedures available in Romania are the micropigmentation of the scalp. Thus, by the introduction of mineral pigments into the skin, it largely returns to the appearance of natural hair follicles.

What the course contains:

  • Identification of skin types; where does the skin take its color ?;
  • PH of the skin;
  • Influence of skin structure in Dermopigmentation;
  • Parameters and techniques in relation to the skin;
  • Lymphatic system; where does the color go ?;
  • Fitzpatrick Scale Identification;
  • Undertones and skin overlays;
  • Pigments in Dermopigmentation;
  • Inorganic pigments vs. Organic pigments;
  • Pigment properties;
  • Chemical Pigment Configuration;
  • Temperature range of pigments – tones and subtones;
  • Methods of production;
  • The dominant hue;
  • The final color of the pigment;Colorimetry applied in semi-permanent makeup;
  • What happens to the skin under the skin? What happens to the color on the skin;
  • Relative contrast;
  • Shadows and lights;
  • Metamerism;
  • Color Mathematics in Pigmentology;
  • Vital considerations to avoid further change in the color of the pigment introduced into the skin.

Course Content

Time: 8 hours
  • Anatomy of the scalp  0/0

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  • Scalp pathology  0/0

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  • Contour  0/0

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  • Depigmentation  0/0

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  • Point size  0/0

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  • Exfoliation  0/0

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  • Maintenance conditions  0/0

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  • Practice  0/0

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Ana Maria is master trainer and international trainer, after a 14 years’ experience in PMU. She specializes in: microblading, paramedical pigmentation, tattoo removal, corrections, neutralization, camouflage, fibroblast. She developed new correction techniques for old and wrong permanent make-up procedures. She is a partner in a humanitarian project called “Salvează Feminitatea” and she is also the image of Start Academy.

She is the only Romanian member of SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), thus having access to studies and analyzes from dermo pigmentation and tattoo area, from the biggest association in the world and being aware of the national and international legislation, but also with the lasts trends in the field.

She is a qualified technician and dedicated professor. Her talent and skill were completed by her specialized studies in plastic arts and medical science. This way she can give the most interesting and complete perception about this field to her students.


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