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The Pigmentology and Corrections in PMU is a MasterClass addressed exclusively to dermopigmentists who have already completed the basic course in semi-permanent make-up, a specialization course related to dermopigmentation, supported by MultiTrainer & TopBrands Ambassador – Ana Maria Margineanu.

MAJOR Advantages of accessing the Pigmentology and Corrections in PMU Course by Ana Maria Margineanu:

  • The only existing profile course on the dermopigmentation market in Western Europe
  • Course taught in Romanian (on request it is also available in English)
  • Course taught through real-time filmed videos with execution of the procedure directly on models (not on slides or presentation images)
  • Course taught in a practical way made on no less than 5 different models that require different correction procedures
  • Informational part taught in real time with the execution of correction techniques (trainer’s voice directly on film during the procedures)
  • After completing the course, the trainer provides unlimited support and advice through messages through the WhatsApp application

Because in Romania there is already a history in cosmetic tattooing for over 15 years, we often meet people who, before performing a micropigmentation procedure, need in advance a procedure to correct an older work, which is no longer in use. Trends, has a wrong shape, has a color that has changed over the years into an unnatural one (shade of blue / green / purple / pink / red, etc.), the shape no longer benefits very well the physiognomy of the client that has changed with the passing of the years or no longer represents it, etc. Reasons and causes are diverse, clients are numerous!

This course comes in response to the many requests that Trainer Ana Maria Margineanu constantly has from students, or even dermopigmentists who are not a part of the Start Academy brand.

Any dermopigmentist often faces the situation of clients who have previously performed a wrong micropigmentation, such as shape or color, and are forced to refuse them, not knowing how to correct, thus loosing financial income, personal satisfaction and professional recognition.

There are still many dermopigmentists who do not know the difference between neutralization, camouflage, cover up and removal, which procedure to use and what is the correct working protocol.

They don’t know when it needs to change the shape, when it needs to change the color or both.

It’s very important that, in the first phase, a dermopigmentation technician to notice the mistake and correctly identifies the clients’ needs in order to apply the best solution for each client.

It’s not enough for a complete dermopigmentist to know how to correctly execute micropigmentation techniques, without being prepared to make a correct anamnesis to the client, to establish the skin type, the Fitzpatrick phototype, the skin tone and undertone.

Once the correct anamnesis is made and the procedure that is needed is established, whether we are talking about, as is the case of this course, corrections, but also for the situation of clients requesting micropigmentation works for the first time, there are dermopigmentists who do not know the selection criteria of the pigment depending on the brand, composition, color, shade, temperature of the pigment.

The fundamental notions of Pigmentology and Colorimetry in PMU that are detailed and taught in the Online Course – Pigmentology and Corrections in PMU by Ana Maria Margineanu are:

  • composition and chemical configuration of pigments
  • pigment temperature scale – tones and undertones
  • pigment properties – dominant shade and final color of the pigment
  • colorimetry applied in semi-permanent makeup
  • color mathematics in pigmentology
  • vital notions on how to avoid the subsequent change of the color of the pigment introduced in the skin
  • the correct choice of the pigment used depending on the skin phototype
  • CAMOUFLAGE – techniques for correcting wrong shapes (eyebrows, lips, eyelids)
  • NEUTRALIZATION – techniques for correcting unnatural colors (eyebrows, lips, eyelids)
  • NEUTRALIZATION + CAMOUFLAGE – the possibility of performing 2 techniques in one session
  • NEUTRALIZATION + PIGMENTATION – the possibility of performing 2 techniques in one session

Micropigmentation is a profession that constantly encourages learning, studying, developing, evolving, innovating, interpreting and only those determined and ambitious dermopigmentists fulfill such desires.

Ana Maria Margineanu has such a professional career, being one of the technicians who laid the foundations of the dermopigmentation industry in Romania, currently becoming Top Trainer in Dermopigmentation and Related Specializations, Beauty Expert in Ultra Modern Therapies in Facial and Body Aesthetics, Cosmetologist with training in the medical field.

Why is Ana Maria Margineanu -MasterTrainerMultiBrand- the only one able to hold this kind of course? We can only list the fact that:

  • Ana Maria Margineanu is the only dermopigmentist specialist in Romania who owns ORDA copyright on a work with a topic of first interest in dermopigmentation: “Pigmentology in dermopigmentation”, a work made mainly based on her own case studies.
  • Ana Maria Margineanu is the only dermopigmentist in Romania with the article “The less beautiful side of permanent make up” who received the invitation to publish the article in the international magazine “Permanet Make up Magazine”, the most known and appreciated specialty magazine addressed to dermopigmentists, magazine distributed internationally.

Guaranteed, after going through the Online Course – Pigmentology and Colorimetry in PMU you will be able to choose or mix accordingly the pigments used in micropigmentation, depending on their temperature scale, skin tones and undertones, to prevent the pigment color change over time and to NEUTRALIZE a COLOR UNNATURAL and to CORRECT a WRONG SHAPE when we talk about old pigmentation.

Course Content

Total learning: 19 lessons Time: 4 hours

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Ana Maria is master trainer and international trainer, after a 14 years’ experience in PMU. She specializes in: microblading, paramedical pigmentation, tattoo removal, corrections, neutralization, camouflage, fibroblast. She developed new correction techniques for old and wrong permanent make-up procedures. She is a partner in a humanitarian project called “Salvează Feminitatea” and she is also the image of Start Academy.

She is the only Romanian member of SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals), thus having access to studies and analyzes from dermo pigmentation and tattoo area, from the biggest association in the world and being aware of the national and international legislation, but also with the lasts trends in the field.

She is a qualified technician and dedicated professor. Her talent and skill were completed by her specialized studies in plastic arts and medical science. This way she can give the most interesting and complete perception about this field to her students.


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